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Chris Schembra is a values driven, heart led author and keynote speaker on a mission to cure the epidemic of loneliness and the crisis of disconnection in the modern workplace. Drawing on hard-hitting statistics, he shines a light on the wide-ranging impact this problem has on employee wellbeing, engagement, and the overall success of organizations.

Through his experience helping spark over 500,000 co-worker relationships in the workplace, Schembra has come to understand that the macro level widespread disconnection is a symptom of a lack of deep human connection.   It's this very void that amplifies burnout, exacerbates mental health challenges, and cripples employee engagement in today's organizations.

Through his 8 years of work building team building and client engagement programs, he’s observed that leaders and their teams may interact on a superficial level but are not genuinely connected to themselves, their co-workers, their customers, or their larger communities. Schembra teaches how to make a shift towards authenticity and deeper human relationships as a means to combat this issue and achieve outsized business results.

By solving the disconnection issue, Schembra shows that the benefits are profound. It's not just about personal growth; it also results in a heightened level of engagement and productivity in the workplace. He provides compelling research and statistics, such as the significant return on investment (ROI) in emotional well-being and the role of gratitude in boosting commitment and effort among employees.

Short Bio

Chris Schembra is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Gratitude Through Hard Times and Gratitude and Pasta. USA Today calls him their "Gratitude Guru", he's a Founding Member of Rolling Stone Magazine's Culture Council, and he sits on the Executive Board at Fast Company Magazine.

He is the Founder and Chief Question Asker of the 7:47 Gratitude Experience™ — an evidence-based framework used to strengthen client and team relationships in profound ways. He's used the principles of gratitude to spark over 500,000 relationships within the workplace.

As a Viral Marketer, his gratitude campaign giving tribute and thanks to Veterans earned over 36 million views, 1.2 million shares, and 2 Emmy Awards.

He’s part-owner of Schembra Real Estate Group, a boutique real estate company that’s done over $1.25 Billion in residential transactions.

His direct work has been talked about in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Bravo TV, Fox News Channel, Variety, and hundreds of other media outlets.

Rolling Stone Column: https://www.rollingstone.com/author/chris-schembra/

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